Airport biometrics implementations for Digi Yatra

Three gates from NEC with facial recognition are being launched at Lohegaon airport in Pune, India as part of the Digi Yatra scheme, say reports. The gates have been deployed at the terminal entrance, security holding area and boarding area, according to a spokesperson for NEC.

“Passengers can create a Digi Yatra ID and capture their facial image at self-service kiosks. The flyers can then proceed to the electronic gates, authenticate their boarding passes and then breeze through check-in, security checks and boarding – entirely through facial recognition,” the spokesperson said. The system was implemented to help with capacity at the airport, which serves 30,000 passengers each day, according to the report. The optional system has been implemented at several other airports, including recently at Bengaluru airport, which caused some concern among privacy experts due to the involvement of the non-Indian biometrics provider.