Private guards to pitch in to ease Bengaluru traffic

Though the traffic police have implemented various measures to deal with Bengaluru city’s traffic congestion, the problem continues to persist and in some areas it has become worse. As a latest move, the traffic police is now planning to rope in private security guards to help them regulate traffic. Currently they are assisted by traffic wardens and Home Guards.

They want private security guards to regulate traffic in areas close to where they are employed. For example, a private security guard at an apartment can regulate traffic, if there is congestion on the road in front of his apartment. The idea is being worked out and there are plans to include private security guards of apartments, banks, complexes, business establishments, malls, educational institutions and many more to regulate traffic, when there is congestion near their premises. This will help in combating the traffic menace with ease, an official said.

A senior police officer said, “If implemented, these private guards will help us ensure that there is free flow of traffic and also make the job a little easy for the on ground traffic police personnel. They will be imparted with basic training on how to control and regulate traffic during peak hours and if there are traffic jams. They will also be assisted by the traffic police and we will have brainstorming sessions with these people and exchange ideas about how to control the traffic.”

“If any security guard witnesses traffic congestion in front of his duty area or nearby, he can help in clearing the congestion without waiting for police intervention. We are already seeing this by individuals in various areas, but now we want to rope them in and also give them basic training. Even public can involve themselves in clearing traffic whenever they witness congestion. We cannot always wait for the traffic police to arrive at the spot and clear the congestion. Every individual is responsible and they need to be proactive in making travelling easy for the public,” added the officer. They can also be used during festival rush, VIP movements, protests and whenever there is requirement, but their primary job will not be hindered.