Incheon Airport in Korea to add AI to security systems

Never mind airport security, artificial intelligence (AI) may also be rooting through your luggage in the near future at Incheon International Airport in South Korea. Incheon International Airport Corporation has said it will incorporate AI into its security systems in a bid to improve accuracy in screening passenger luggage for prohibited items.

The airport has already started working on the project to develop an AI-based X-ray screening system to be tested in the second half of next year. Instead of the existing system that relies on X-ray scanning, manual image checking by security officers and a final physical check, artificial intelligence will crosscheck the X-ray scan and the analysis will be available to officers along with the X-ray image.

The first-stage AI scan is expected to complement and improve the accuracy of the security check as an officer will continue to be responsible for the final call to physically inspect luggage. The airport said it will apply deep-learning technology on over 600,000 pieces of footage of around 20 prohibited items and 20,000 commercially sold liquid products to develop an algorithm for imagery interpretation and improve the AI’s screening accuracy