Polaris acquires Panasonic’s security business

Polaris Private Equity Fund IV, managed by Polaris Capital Group, Inc. have recently agreed to a strategic capital alliance with Panasonic Corporation to acquire 80% of the outstanding shares of the company to be newly established by Panasonic to succeed the Security Systems Business, and have signed Share Purchase Agreement and Shareholders Agreement.

Over the past 60 years, the Security Systems Business has developed its presence by combining advanced edge devices such as security cameras developed to meet the needs of the market, as well as software with features such as face authentication. Through these efforts, it has established a leading brand position in the security camera market in Japan.

In a statement, Polaris says that it believes that security-related businesses will grow in response to an increase in the awareness of security and safety. The strategic capital alliance aims to support the newly established company in order to realise exponential growth in this segment.

Polaris has experience in multiple projects of strategic capital alliances with manufacturers and large-scale companies. Armed with the knowledge and experience cultivated in these projects, it will smoothly and rapidly build the structure necessary for an independent business, while maintaining a firm hand on the strengths and unique characteristics of the business.

In addition, it is aimed to strengthen solutions capabilities with an eye to aggressive alliances and M&A strategies, leverage these strengths to expand its earnings base on a global scale, centered on the North American market, provide new products and services for the next generation, and expand sales of camera modules for medical devices. By steadily executing these strategies, the Security Systems Business will strive to maximize its corporate value as an independent company.