ASIS New Delhi Chapter #207 meeting

The 4th ASIS New Delhi Chapter # 207 meeting was organized on Thursday, 26 July 2018 in the office of Microsoft, Gurugram. 84 professionals stepped in to attend the meeting.

“Technology as a Business Enabler” was the theme for the chapter meeting and it was a huge success largely because of the passionate and professional delivery on diverse aspects by the esteemed speakers. The speakers, through their domain knowledge and expertise, kept all the participants enthralled and also provided a great platform for participants to interact with the key industry leaders.

The meeting began with a chapter update by Satya Yadav, Chapter Vice Chair. Thereafter Mr. Frederick B Wong, Director of MSGS Investigations, Asia, delivered the keynote address.

Mohanvel Shanmugasundaram, Microsoft Security Systems Group Manager, Asia, spoke on the Digital Transformation of Microsoft Global Security which provided the participants key insights into the journey covered so far. This was followed by an interesting and lively session on “Power BI” which was delivered by Benny Mathew  and Yash Pal Sharma of Microsoft.

The last item on the agenda was by S. Chandrasekhar, Microsoft Group Director, Government Affairs, who spoke on ‘Managing Insider Threats’ and shared great insights on the topic and triggered a flurry of questions from the attendees. Mr. Ajeet Kumar Rai, Chapter Secretary, thanked the attendees for their participation, the speakers for their valuable contribution, and the sponsors for making the meeting a huge success. All the speakers were presented with mementoes and certificates. ASIS International paid members were presented with ASIS International membership pins. The meet concluded with a group photograph and an informal interaction session over high tea. ASIS members thanked Microsoft for their gracious hospitality and for hosting the chapter meet- the facilities were excellent- support by the Microsoft team was outstanding- their efforts contributed significantly to the quality of the chapter meet and this was further enhanced by the professionalism and contributions of all speakers.

Joint 3rd Quarter Meeting of OSAC and ASIS Mumbai Chapters, a grand success!

The quarterly joint meeting of the OSAC and ASIS Mumbai Chapter was held at the JW Marriott in Mumbai on 17th August 2018. It was well attended by about 140 security professionals from different industry verticals. The Chair of the ASIS Mumbai Chapter, Col. Sanjeev Mishra, CPP, opened the meeting by welcoming everyone, while also emphasising the importance of professionalism in the private security industry.

Mr. Pramod Bhatt, the Head of Security at Sanofi, was the first speaker of the day. He spoke about, ‘Managing Social Media Risks’.  He said that organizations need to consider employee behavior when developing their approach to social media policies and practices and gave various examples of how organisations were at great reputational and other risks, when employees, customers and other stakeholders knowingly or unknowingly posted content on social media.

Raghu Raman, President, Risk, Security & New Ventures, of Reliance Industries Ltd. delivered an insightful and motivating speech on the traits, qualities and skills that ‘Future Security Leaders’ must have to manage emerging security risks, which was much appreciated by the audience. He spoke about new concepts of  ‘Leading Without Authority’’ and “Gardener Leadership”, to succeed in uncertain and complex times to come.

The Panel Discussion on Security Challenges in the Pharma Industry was conducted very professionally by Mr. Suraj Shankhpal, Director – Global Corporate Services & Head – Corporate Security, India at UBS. The panelists included, Mr. Aldrin Fernandes, CSO of Abbott, Mr. Santosh Vartak from Pfizer, Mr. Pramod Bhatt from Sanofi, Mr. Shekhar Nalavade from MSD, and Mr. Avinash Indoria from Procter & Gamble. This was a very enlightening discussion, which gave the audience insights on the security issues faced with spurious drugs, brand protection and IPR issues peculiar to this sector.

Mr. Andrew Macintosh, Head of Control Risks, Mumbai, spoke on the subject of “Upgrading Security Operation Centres (SOC) with Technology, while Mr. Tarun Kaura, Partner, Deloitte

spoke about Cyber Risk & Security Management. Col. Sanjeev Mishra of Reliance Industries made a presentation on ‘Project Reliance Kavach’. The Closing Address was delivered by Mr. Kevin Irvine, from OSAC Mumbai.

Workshop on application of technology in fire fighting held

The Fire and Security Association of India, Goa chapter, conducted a full-day workshop on the topics “Internet of Things” and “Infrared Thermography”. The resource people for the first topic were Kishan Ananthram and Vinay Hedge, CEO and Vice President, respectively of Ionidea, Bangalore. For the latter session the resource people were Dr Lalat Indu Giri and Nitin Naik, of VSN Technologies. The chief guest for the day was DGP Dr Muktesh Chandar, and the guest of honour was Ashok Menon, Director of Directorate of Fire and Emergency Services, Government of Goa.

Dr Vinayak N Shet, Principal of GEC, Dr Ganesh Hegde Faculty Coordinator and Prem Nadan, Secretary of FSAI Goa Chapter were also present. The workshop marked the launching of the IoT-based product named ‘Guardon’. This product is launched keeping in mind the security of every individual which is the motto of Surakshit Bharat movement initiated to take action against molestation, burglary and health problems encountered by the aged population.

Guardon is a product which connects to the mobile phone via Bluetooth. During emergency when the victim presses the button on the product it sends a signal to the victim’s mobile phone which sends an alert signal along with the location to other nearby devices which have the ‘Guardon’ application installed on their phone. This was well explained and demonstrated by Kishan Ananthram.

Explaining the usefulness of the product, Dr Muktesh Chandar said, “Since this product sends alert to a group of people, they can come forward as a united team for helping the victim which is quite difficult for an individual to do.” He also took time to show the importance of adopting safety rules on the streets, in case of fire and also how to be safe against cyber crime.

Vinay Hedge gave inputs on how virtual reality can be created using an example of smart cricket in which there is Micro Electro Mechanical Sensor installed on the bat and the field is generated on the screen. With the help of the sensor equipped bat the match can be played as good as a real one.

Following the IoT session, there was a demonstration on the use of fire extinguishers. The Fire Department of Goa held a demo and showed the correct extinguisher for the each fire type. Dr Lalat Indu Giri conducted the Infrared Thermography session and explained what Thermal Imaging is, its significance and the important applications Thermal Imaging finds in day to day life. Followed by this, Nitin Naik also explained the types of infrared cameras available and the working principle behind the cameras and also the role of IoT in analysing the thermograms.