IISSM hosts seminar on smart city and cyber security

The International Institute of Security and Safety Management (IISSM) recently hosted a seminar on ‘Smart city and cyber security’ at India International Centre, Delhi.

Speaking on the occasion Uttarakhand Governor and former IPS officer, Dr. K.K. Paul said that in this techno dominant age data is gaining the form of property. More than 300 representatives of different organizations working on cyber security participated in this event including important representatives from NSG, ITBP and BSF. During this function Dr. K.K. Paul presented his research papers on smart city and cyber security.

Dr. Paul said on the occasion that once Mao Tse Tung had said that power comes forth from the barrel of a gun but time has changed. Now power is assimilated in information. Dr. Paul further added that now even minerals extracted from mines are less valuable than information. He said that in order to conserve data and to prevent its misuse India had passed an Act but due to development and change in this field this Act has seen 20 amendments. This phenomenon compels us to think about its importance.

Dr. Paul further added that technology has changed our life and society completely. Exchange of information is totally dependent on technology. Safety of privacy is very important. So, we have to guide our children properly to be aware of its importance. Dr. Paul said further that we should now be cautious about our personal information. He said that computer keys have become more powerful than the atom bomb, so now we have to frame such laws that can preserve our information.

Speaking on the occasion, Chairman of Niti Ayog, Amitabh Kant said that in India data is more protected than other countries. Kant said that we in our country are using data more than the people in China and America. Here, financial transactions are done through internet. But still we are lagging behind in the field of cyber security. He said that government has, for the first time, made provision of spending 110 crore rupees for cyber security.

The seminar also had 2 product demonstrations and 2 interactive panel discussions. The valedictory address was given by Mr DC Pathak, former director IB. Mr RK Sinha, MP Rajya Sabha and executive chairman IISSM,Mr SK Sharma, Mr GM Srivastava and Lt Gen Prem Sagar also graced the well attended event.

Stress on self-regulation & discretion in internet use to curb cyber-crime: S S Ahluwalia

Minister of State for Electronics and IT, Mr. S. S. Ahluwalia, has cautioned against indiscreet use of the internet as it was fraught with grave threats of cyber-attacks, thereby depriving the user of precious data and loss of privacy. Inaugurating FICCI’s conference on Homeland Security-2018 on the theme ‘Cyber Crime Management’, in association with Vivekananda International Foundation, Mr. Ahluwalia advised self-regulation and exercise of utmost care in uploading and downloading information from the Net as any indiscretion would lead to involuntarily aiding the cyber criminals in their malicious intent. In this context, he called for training people and creating professionals trained in ethical hacking to counter the designs of the cyber criminals.

On the occasion, Minister Ahluwalia released the FICCI-EY report on ‘Confronting the New-Age Cybercriminal: Disrupting the web of crime’. National Cyber Security Coordinator, National Security Council Secretariat, Mr. Gulshan Rai, called upon industry professionals to put their heads together to design a framework and systems to test whether the processes were resulting in doing the job efficiently.

He underlined the need for government, industry and other stakeholders to come together to evolve standards and guidelines on the use of systems to ward off cyber-attacks and create internal security systems to suit the country’s needs.

Director Vivekananda International Foundation & former Deputy National Security Adviser, Dr. Arvind Gupta, suggested that India would do well to protect itself from the growing menace of cyber-crime through a series of measures. These include review of the criminal justice system, greater investment in cyber-crime management, creation of indigenous security products, laying down extensive testing infrastructure, greater contribution in setting security standards at international fora, legally empowering the national coordinator to deal with security issues and higher spending by industry on R&D.

FICCI President, Mr. Rashesh Shah, while lauding the work being done by the government to create digital infrastructure in the country, stressed the need for a robust mechanism to tackle the menace of cyber-crime. He suggested proactive cyber patrolling and monitoring of everything digital. Mr. Rahul Rishi, Partner, Advisory Services, EY, said that to confront the new age cyber criminals, a well thought and effective cybercrime management strategy needs to be devised. If the law enforcement agencies have to win this battle, there is a need for a paradigm shift in the approach to policing. The focus needs to shift from conventional to contemporary methods with the right blend of upskilling and upgrading the three pillars– people, processes and technology. Predictive policing is needed to disrupt the expanding web of crime. Mr. Rahul Chaudhry, Chair, FICCI Committee on Homeland Security & CEO, Tata Power SED, also shared his perspective on the subject.

Karnataka SSA continues to serve the industry

Karnataka Security Services Association (KSSA ) has been functioning actively in the direction of a smooth monitoring of the Security Industry in Karnataka for the last 28 years i.e. since 1989. It has been a Member of FKCCI and has been accredited with ISO-9001:2015. KSSA has 1410 Member Agencies who are PSARA Licence holders functioning under the control of the ADGP- Internal Security Division–Karnataka Police (Controlling Authority). More than 6.8 lac strong force of security personnel have been provided employment by the Member Agencies and this number is growing day by day.

The current President Mr.B.M.Shashidhar, MD–Shashi Detective Services Pvt.Ltd., Secretary Mr.Sheetal Kumar MD – SRF Detective & Security Services Pvt.Ltd., are actively working towards the growth of KSSA along with the office bearers and Executive Committee members including Mentors, Advisors and Legends of the Security Industry. Various Committees viz., Events, Parade, Sports, Legal, Study-Tour and Membership Drive Committees have been formed now, for smooth functioning with a great deal of decentralization and liberty of execution afforded to their Chairmen.

In a first for the security industry, KSSA acquired ISO certification on 8th September 2016.
A contingent of security personnel from Member Agencies, representing the Karnataka Security Services Association – KSSA has been participating in the Karnataka State Republic Day Parade held at Manekshaw Parade Ground on 26th January every year.
A Training App in Kannada for security personnel has been launched as a part of the KSSA CONCLAVE held in Feb 2018.