OSAC & ASIS Mumbai hold Q1 chapter meeting

A Joint OSAC & ASIS Mumbai Chapter Meeting Q1 2019 was organised on 22 February, 2019 at the Sofitel Mumbai. The event that saw a large number of ASIS and OSAC members reach the venue from various parts of the country, was the first such joint meeting in 2019.

The event kicked off with the opening address by Mr Kevin Irvine, OSAC Mumbai, who welcomed the sizeable gathering. Following the opening address a presentation on “Global Risk Outlook 2019” by Mr Udit Mehta, International SOS & Control Risks detailed the various risks that organisations face and are likely to face this year with emphasis on the need to be prepared to counter the risks.

This was followed by the launch of the ‘India Risk Review 2019’ by Mitkat in association with ASIS Mumbai Chapterwhich detailed the changing face of risks every year and the urgent need to be prepared to face new risks and how to prepare for the risks that were yet to surface.

A presentation on Brand Protection was given by Mr Vishal Dewan, Johnson & Johnson, wherein he explained how companies worked hard to protect their brand image and the various steps taken to ensure that the image or brand name was kept away from any unsavoury situations. This was especially relevant in view of several instances of brand names being victim to campaigns.

An important panel discussion on “Security Challenges in Schools” was conducted by Mr Ajay Kotwal (Podar), Saibal Ghosh (EuroKids) and Harsh Chaudhary (RIL). The panel discussion gained importance on account of multiple instances where the security of schools has been compromised by crimes across the country. While gun related crimes of the kind that the West has witnessed for several years now, were still away from India in general, other cases like murders, kidnappings, harassments and sexual assault have been in plenty, requiring the schools to take elaborate measures to guard against such crimes.

The interactive panel discussion had members of the audience joining in and giving their inputs on how schools need to ensure the security of students while the students are on the premises and when they are leaving schools.

The closing address of the event was given by Mr Sanjeev Tiwari, ASIS Mumbai, wherein he thanked the participants of the event and speakers and presenters for their inputs.

ASIS publishes new guideline for selection and training of Private Security Officers    

ASIS International, the world’s largest association of security management professionals, released the ASIS Private Security Officer Selection and Training (PSO) Guideline (ASIS PSO-2019) which provides recommendations for establishing and managing a program for the selection and training of private security officers.

The new Guideline is critical as the private security industry employs millions of security officers across the nation to protect people, property, information, and other key assets. Applicable to both proprietary and contract security, the guideline focuses on three key areas of a private security officer selection and training program — its development, implementation, and improvement.

The framework comprises:

  • Establishment of policies and procedures;
  • Assignment of roles and responsibilities;
  • Allocation of resources to the program;
  • Setting vetting and selection criteria;
  • Private security officer training and competencies; and
  • Program evaluation and improvement.

The Guideline is consistent with industry best practices and takes into account legal, regulatory, and contractual obligations. “While the guideline includes most elements of the 2010 edition, it goes a step further in providing organizations a generic framework for designing or improving its selection and training program,” said Chuck Baley, PSO Technical Committee Chair.

ASIS International, in its role as an accredited Standards Developing Organization (SDO), develops standards and guidelines to serve the needs of security practitioners in today’s global environment. It is recognized globally through its Category-A Liaison Status in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Risk Management and Security and Resilience Technical Committees. Current projects under development focus on Active Assailant, Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM), and Security Awareness.

Power Cable Alliance (PCA) seminar on Electrical Fire Safety (FIRESAFE INDIA 2019) in New Delhi

International Copper Association India (ICA India) in association with the Fire and Security Association of India (FSAI) organized a seminar on Electrical Fire Safety in the city recently. The seminar focused on discussions around how to have safe, reliable and efficient electrical infrastructure that not only supports the country’s growth but is also robust enough to prevent mishaps.

According to a report by the Central Electricity Authority of India, defective electrical systems are a cause for increasing number of fire accidents. With the increasing demand for electrical power across the country, the need to improve the quality, reliability and efficiency of the current electrical infrastructure is even more necessary. In theirr effort to realize the collective vision of FIRESAFE INDIA 2019, PCA and FSAI have joined hands and come together to discuss reliability and efficiency of electrical infrastructure in India.


The daylong seminar was attended by leading safety experts, electrical consultants and cable manufacturers. The key topics discussed in the seminar were the role of National Building Codes in preventing electrical fires, achieving excellence in safety through innovative solutions, leadership commitment and challenges for enhancing fire safety in facilities, electrical standards and best practices and call for action. The seminar addressed some of the key issues related to electrical fire safety by bringing together the various stakeholders on a common platform.

Sharing his views on the seminar Mr. K. P Dominic, National President, Fire and Security Association of India said “‘We, at Fire & Security Association of India (FSAI), through our 23 Chapters across India have been relentlessly working on making India Safe and Secure under our ‘Surakshit Bharat’ mission and are committed to impact & touch upon all the spheres of society in creating awareness across all levels. We are happy to be collaborating with PCA for this seminar which focuses on addressing the critical aspect of Electrical Fire Safety and would bring together all the industry stakeholders on a common platform for knowledge to share and to seek their comprehensive views and opinions on the way forward towards better statutory regulations and implementation

Security Industry Association Names Mark McCourt as 2018 Sandy Jones Volunteer of the Year

The Security Industry Association (SIA) has selected Mark McCourt as the recipient of the 2018 Sandy Jones Volunteer of the Year Award, which recognizes SIA volunteers who have made tireless efforts to expand SIA’s programs and services. SIA will present McCourt with the award at The Advance, SIA’s annual membership meeting, during ISC West.

Mark McCourt, head of commercialization at Cobalt Robotics, has made valuable contributions to SIA, including his efforts to establish and lead SIA’s Autonomous Robotics Working Group, which brings together members of the security industry, end users, technology experts and other interested parties to promote best practices regarding the use of robots in security, develop research, offer guidance on legislative and regulatory matters and enhance communication and collaboration.

The Sandy Jones Volunteer of the Year Award is named in honor of Sandra Jones, principal of Sandra Jones and Company, a prolific SIA volunteer and co-founder of the executive conference Securing New Ground. “Sandy was among the first to call me when I entered the physical security market in 2005, and she became a coach, friend and business partner,” said McCourt. “Her work has made a tremendous contribution to many, and it was Sandy who inspired me to become a SIA volunteer. To receive an award in her name is an honor beyond words.”

In his role as chair of the Autonomous Security Robotics Working Group, McCourt provided critical inputs in the development of Market Spotlight: Extending the Capabilities of Human Security Officers With Modern Robotics, a report produced exclusively for SIA by research firm IDC, examines the opportunity, benefits and reasons for growth in the robotic security market. The report highlights the evolution of robotic technology, real-world scenarios for robotic security, these robots’ impact on the security market and more. He has also initiated work to publish a second robotics paper in partnership with IDC and is an active member of SIA’s Membership and Marketing Committee, which guides the association in creating member value, new member development and overall member engagement.