India seeks Israel’s security expertise

In the wake of terror attacks on airports abroad, the latest instance being of the horrific attack on the Ataturk Istanbul airport in Turkey, Indian airports are looking to Israel for ways to further enhance aviation security measures and to keep up with the latest technological trends in security systems.

A team comprising functionaries of Delhi airport operator DIAL recently visited the Ben Gurion airport in Israel, considered the world’s most secure airport, to study security systems in place there. DIAL is expected to share the findings of the tour with the Indian government’s Bureau of Civil Aviation Security. Israel is also sharing its expertise in homeland security with Indian security agencies.

The Indian aviation sector has been on the radar of terrorists for decades. But after the Kandahar hijack of an Indian Airlines aircraft that took place on foreign soil in Kathmandu, there has been no terror attack on any Indian aviation asset due to the tight security measures adopted by India. But with airports abroad being targeted, security agencies are on the lookout for innovative methods that terrorists may choose.

While some aviation watchers have also pointed to the need to check vehicles on the approach roads to airports and frisk passengers as well as screen check-in baggage even before they enter the airports even if this proves to be a logistical nightmare, government sources say that security agencies already keep a close watch on vehicles that are approaching the airport building for signs of any suspicious activity