140 Delhi NCR locations with security defects found, police asked to patch up spots

Twenty five teams of the Delhi Police conducted their annual round of security checks around the Capital and found that over 140 places including hotels, guest houses, markets where security defects were observed. Police have written to senior officers to rectify such defects.

Police said that over 50 of these locations had either dysfunctional door frame metal detectors (DFMDs) or hand-held metal detectors (HHMDs). More than 30 such places identified were locations where CCTV cameras were not working, or CCTV footages were not preserved for the required period. In over 40 places which include hotels, guest houses, there were no guards for security. In over 30 parking lots, under vehicle mirrors were not used for checking and parking staff were found not wearing proper uniforms and not displaying their identity cards.

The Delhi Police said that more than 100 abandoned vehicles were found lying in different areas and no one ever checked those vehicles and more than dozen hotels, guest houses identified which were running without a license or licenses were not renewed and in over 20 such hotels, cafes, guest houses were identified where customer registers were not maintained. After the inspection teams had identified the vulnerable locations, the office of the Deputy Commissioner of Police wrote to senior officers.

During checking, several shortcomings have been noticed in various hotels, guest houses, busy markets, taxi stands, parking lots, cyber cafes, PG accommodations, cinema halls, malls. Officers were told that local police officials under their jurisdiction may be advised to brief the concerned officials to rectify these defects accordingly and sought a compliance report to this effect for the perusal of senior officers.