A system to return trays that could make T3 at Delhi Airport security check smoother

In a move that could drastically bring down waiting time during security check-in at Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport, the Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) has introduced a smart security lane with automated tray return system (ATRS).
A senior official of DIAL said the decision to install ATRS was taken after successful test was conducted at Terminal-3 for around three months. “Currently it has been decided to install ATRS for T-3 domestic departure pre-embarkation security check (PESC) area, T-3 domestic to international transfer area, T-3 domestic to domestic transfer area, T-1 departure PESC area and T-1 transfer area,” the officer said.

Confirming the installation of ATRS, I Prabhakara Rao, CEO (DIAL), said, “To make Delhi Airport a digital and smart airport, we have successfully introduced smart security lane with ATRS. This system will significantly reduce waiting time of the commuters at the point of baggage screening, and also lessen chaos and confusion at the security check area. This is a proven technology and has been adopted by several world class airports, globally.”

Explaining the features of ATRS, the official said that the ATRS, an extension of X-ray machine on both sides, will automatically return empty trays for passengers to put their bags, effectively ending the hassle to look for one – and also prevent empty trays from piling up. “ATRS will separate suspicious baggage automatically and allow security forces to handle 40 per cent extra passengers.

Also, currently, a passenger has to spend around seven to eight minutes for the security check, but now the time is likely to reduce to less than five minutes as every machine can clear 350 trays per hour, against 180 passengers in the current system” the official said. During the test, it was observed that the new system will ensure faster security check clearance. “Passengers will spend less time waiting in queue during security checks. Four passengers can offload their belongings on the trays at a time,” the official said