ATM Skimming, most reported cyber crime, say experts

The recent incident of an ATM machine of Dadar branch of Shamrao Vitthal Cooperative (SVC) Bank being skimmed by two unidentified man without the knowledge of the bank authorities has raised questions about how far the ATM machines of the banks are protected despite being under surveillance of the CCTV cameras. In the said incident, the surprise audit team of the bank inspected the CCTV footage and found out that the accused duo on June 11 had placed a skimming machine and later removed it after an hour. No one had realised about the fraud for over 15 days. So far the cops have made no arrests, cops are inspecting the CCTV footage, and the investigation is underway.

“Skimming involves theft of debit/credit card information where a small device can extract data from the card inserted. Once the card details reflect, there is a possibility of it being misused,” said Superintendent of Police, Cyber Cell, Maharashtra. He added, “The number of cases are definitely on the rise but if proper care is taken, users can stay protected.” Cyber experts claim that skimming along with phishing and card cloning have become the most reported cyber crimes and people from the city too are falling prey to such crimes despite advisories issued by the banks and the cyber police. Also, the banks should play a crucial role in spreading more awareness, said an expert.

Remember This: Check for the keypad of the ATM whether it is fake or not. Always lookout for hidden pinhole cameras which may capture your PIN. Avoid withdrawing money at stand alone ATMs. To avoid shoulder surfing, carry out the transaction alone.