Bangalore University to deploy Home Guards on campus

The sprawling campus of the Bangalore University in Jnanabharathi, spread over several acres, will now be guarded by Home Guards and they will soon replace the private security personnel currently deployed on the campus. This was decided during a meeting held a few weeks ago by the University Syndicate. The issue was brought up during a discussion on safety of the students on the campus and also theft of sandalwood trees.

A senior university official said, “We have decided to have Home Guards, as they are better trained than private security personnel. Home Guards work with police and hence they will have a better idea about patrolling the area. It is important that we have tight security in place, as the students move around the campus even during the night.”

“We have already asked the department concerned to deploy the Home Guards, while the private security agency has been asked to remove their personnel. The process is on and we will examine how the Home Guards perform,” added the official. Another official mentioned that currently they will be using the Home Guards on a temporary basis and if they are satisfied with their work, they will request the government to deploy them or go by tendering process.
A student who resides in the university hostel, welcomed the move and said private security guards were not effective. “We need strict monitoring across the campus and the Home Guards will help, as they have experience working along with the police. Most often the students or other visitors to the campus do not listen to the private security guards. We hope they will listen to the Home Guards,” he added