Bengaluru Police seek ban on private drones

The Bengaluru Police Department has requested the state government to ban, for security reasons, the operation of drones by private individuals. According to sources, the operation of drones across the state is becoming a serious security concern. “Drones are being used in movie shootings, marriages, public functions, parties, festivals and even for fun. There is no accountability of its operation as no guidelines were framed by the Government of India,” according to a source.

DG and IGP Om Prakash said, “We have asked the government to restrict operation of private drones during VVIP movements as it is a matter of security. The Government of India is yet to issue policy and guidelines on operating drones. We have asked the Chief Minister to restrict the operation of private drones till then.”
According to sources, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has directed officials to come up with a case study in this regard.