CBSE introduces online training course on cyber security

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is introducing another online training course on Cyber Security. The course consists of a webinar, course material and assessment by using Google Classroom. Webinar shall be conducted in 10 different languages, as per a notification issued by the CBSE. These webinars shall be live streamed on YouTube channel of the Board wherein experts shall be sharing details about the course and its nuances.

In a letter to the heads of all its affiliated schools across the country, the CBSE wrote, “We are living in the 21st century with various digital gadgets, connected to the entire world through the Internet. From social media to online banking and financial transactions, maintaining digital records to online shopping and online classes, every thread of our lives are available on the internet.”

Through the connected world, we can easily pass on all information instantly, allowing us to work in collaboration and get the desired information for personal and professional growth.
However, these network connections leave our devices more vulnerable to damage and our information vulnerable to theft. Hackers can tunnel and gain access to our information and use it for their own purposes. Cyber and network security helps to solve this problem. In essence, everyone needs Cyber Security to safeguard his/her data and vital information, the notification said.

The link of Classrooms is available on with effect from July 15, 2021. The Board has shared teachers’ IDs with the schools through the CBSE Centre of Excellence. E-Certificates shall be awarded to the participants on successful completion of assessment. Assessment link in the respective classroom will be available for the participants from August 2, 2021 to August 31, 2021, the CBSE letter added.

InstaSafe launches free assessment tool to analyse enterprise security readiness
InstaSafe has announced the launch of its free consultative Zero Trust Security Assessment tool designed to determine the security readiness of modern enterprise security setups, and make recommendations for implementing a Zero Trust model.

The assessment tool uses a combination of queries curated by cybersecurity experts to gauge the security posture of an enterprise. The queries range across an entire spectrum of network, application permissions and types, environments, users, devices, and access policies.

Using a multitude of data points based on authentication measures, permissions, visibility, encryption, etc, the respondent, once done with the queries, receives a personalised report that includes key points on the current security setup, their progress towards a Zero Trust Model, and can be done to accelerate the progress.

Speaking at the official launch, Mr Prasad T, CISO at InstaSafe and the brains behind this initiative, commented, ”Through our free assessment tool, we wish to set the base for enterprises to explore their security readiness, and we also recommend corrective measures that can bring security teams closer to the goal of a true Zero Trust Model”. Sandip Panda, CEO at InstaSafe, and a member of the Cloud Security Alliance said, ”We have received an overtly positive response from early adopters of this initiative in the CIO and CISO community.”