CCTV Camera Market to Reach INR 38.65 crore with 27.16% growth

The global CCTV camera market is anticipated to generate substantial revenue of about INR 38.65 crore till 2021. Asia Pacific and America hold the largest share of the global market and act as one of the main drivers for the market. India and China are the countries with the highest potential for the CCTV camera market.

Technology-wise, wireless CCTV cameras are becoming a trend apart from the traditional non-IP and IP which is widely used currently. Non–IP technology consisting of analog and HD CCTV cameras dominate the market currently. IP technology which is showing the fastest growth is expected to overtake analog’s share in the coming years. Dome shaped cameras dominate the CCTV market in terms of type of camera used. PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) is a technology which allows a 360 degree view of the area to be surveilled and also gives added features to zoom by covering a larger section of area.