Delhi Police notifies traffic violators via SMS and Speed Post

In view of the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, the Delhi Police, too, has made certain changes to its ways of policing keeping in mind the aspect of reducing as much contact as possible. According to reports, Delhi Police has been sending notices to traffic violators through either SMS or speed post. This measure ensures minimalistic interaction between the violator and the police personnel.

In terms of figures, the Delhi Police has sent 1,00,436 notices through SMS and 80 notices through speed post under compoundable offence category. These are based on violations captured by cameras in the period between March 25 and May 17. As per a statement by the police, “In this period, improper parking violations were also registered through ‘violation on camera’ app and 7,998 notices were sent.”

The statement mentions setting up of a virtual court wherein such matters of camera-based traffic violations are being dealt with. Around 32,722 non-compoundable offences till May 18 were disposed of by the virtual court. Speaking about traffic police’s plan of action in this phase of lockdown, Taj Hasan, Special CP (Traffic), said, “With more vehicles on the road now, our emphasis is on junction management, and prioritising action against improper parking and lane violation.” He also asserted that there has been an increasing emphasis on contact-less traffic enforcement and use of camera-based violation detection app and tripod-mounted laser speed gun cameras.