Delhi: Street crime down 56% during lockdown

Delhi Police has released data suggesting a 56% drop in street crime in the capital during the lockdown period. According to data published on the Delhi Police website, cases of robbery, snatching, hurt and motor vehicle theft significantly dropped this year till May, as compared to the corresponding period in 2019. Last year till May, more than 964 cases of robbery were recorded. This year, only 596 cases were registered. Similarly, in snatching cases, the number has decreased from 2,811 cases last year to 2,141 this year.

Police said patrolling teams and personnel deployed at pickets, hospitals and Covid centres have been keeping a check on crime in the city. Anil Mittal, Additional PRO of Delhi Police, said, “Police are also catching people violating lockdown norms or social distancing. Challans are issued to those who are not seen wearing masks or spitting on the streets. Till date, we have issued over 16,708 challans to such violators.” Police said there has also been a decrease in crimes against women in Delhi. Rape cases have reduced from 891 until May last year to 520 this year; there is also a 50% decline in cases of sexual harassment and assault.

However, there is not much change in cases of heinous crimes such as murder, dacoity, kidnapping and attempt to murder. As per the data, cases registered under attempt to murder charges are nearly the same for both years. This year has eight less murder cases as compared to last year.

Cases of heinous crimes have slowly begun to increase in the city as more and more markets and public places are opening up. With most borders sealed during the lockdown, the number of accidents has also reduced. This year, only 348 fatal accidents were registered in Delhi, which is half the number recorded in the corresponding period last year.