Facial recognition cameras to keep close watch at IGI Airport

IGI airport’s security may soon be strengthened with the help of facial recognition cameras. Sources said that efficiency trials for such cameras are already on, and, if successful, they will be installed at all vital places, including the forecourt, transit area, arrival and departure halls, parking lots, etc. Officers said these cameras would help security agencies trace wanted criminals passing through the airport.

A database provided by the police and intelligence agencies would be used to recognise criminals, thereby allowing security men to take instant action. They added that if a theft takes place at the airport, recognizing and tracing the location of the culprit would become easier with the help of these cameras. Sources said that the decision to install such cameras was taken after the terrorist attacks on Brussels and Istanbul airports earlier this year. Talking about the technology, officials said the cameras will not just track multiple faces simultaneously, but will also classify gender and age and detect facial expressions.

The trial is currently being conducted on airport staff and security personnel. “We intend to catch wanted criminals before they enter the boarding area at the departure terminal. At the arrival terminal, the cameras will trace a person till the parking lot and taxi bay. Dedicated staff from the police and intelligence agencies will keep a continuous eye on the live feed,” said an officer.