GMR Hyderabad Airport initiates body scanner trials

In line with the directive given by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS), GMR led Hyderabad International Airport has commenced a three-month trial of Body Scanners for passengers on voluntary basis at the Domestic Departures Terminal. As a part of the trial phase, one body scanner has been deployed at the Express Security Check Lane near Departure Gate 3.

Upon successful completion of trials and subsequent regulatory approvals, Body Scanners will be installed across the terminal for security check. Body Scanners operate on SAFE Radio Wave Security System, which is an image free scanning technique, and hence poses no threat of privacy infringement.

The trial of the Body Scanner at Hyderabad International Airport is voluntary and has received positive reviews from the passengers. Many airports in European countries and the United States are already using Body Scanners for security check. In India, airports like Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore are also known to have initiated trials of Body Scanners for passengers.