Gurugram gets 750 new CCTV cameras to improve traffic flow, promote public safety

In an order to improve traffic flow in Gurugram and promote public safety, the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) has installed 750 CCTVs at different locations across the city, GMDA officials have said. These CCTVs have been installed in the first phase of a project under which 1,200 security cameras will be installed across Gurugram. The remaining 450 closed-circuit televisions will be installed soon.

The authorities have connected these CCTVs to its mobile app, which the city residents can download on their phones to know where all these have been fixed.The step will also help GMDA officials to access footage from cameras anywhere and also know whether they are operational or not. GMDA officials said that CCTV footage could help find the exact spots where any untoward incident was reported from and inform police accordingly for timely intervention.

Also, information about the camera locations made available to the public on the app will help instil in them the fear of police action for violating traffic rules. “The work of installing 450 CCTVs is underway. The GMDA had identified 22 key intersections to instal these cameras, which are connected to the Integrated Command and Control Centre at the GMDA office at Sector 44, where police and other officials monitor them,” said a senior GMDA official.