Hikvision participates in Retail Leadership Summit 2018 to showcase Retail Security Solutions

Hikvision has participated in the 11th edition of Retailers Association of India’s (RAI) Retail Leadership Summit (RLS) to showcase its latest products and solutions in the Video Surveillance and Security domains for the retail sector at the Renaissance Hotel in Mumbai. Organised by RAI, the Summit revolved around the central theme ‘Customer Centricity- Redefining Values and Valuations’.

“Retail Leadership Summit (RLS) is a great platform for networking among existing and potential Retailers, Developers, Logistic and Supply Chain Organizations. It is a right place to showcase the latest innovations in the surveillance and security solutions for retail and eCommerce sector,” said Mr. Ashish P. Dhakan, MD & CEO, Prama Hikvision India Pvt. Ltd.
At the Retail Leadership Summit (RLS) Mr.K.K. Dakhara, Retail Vertical Head, Prama Hikvision India gave a presentation on “Hikvision’s new solution for Warehouse, Logistic and Supply Chain”. During his presentation he explained the advantages of Hikvision’s latest surveillance and security solutions empowered by Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Technologies.

He further added, “Hikvision Retail Smart Solution focuses mainly on Analytics, Consumer Behavioral Analysis and Artificial Intelligence. It is useful in multiple aspects like into Retail business Surveillance, Manpower Management, Business Operations, selection of appropriate product based on Target Customer, Designing Marketing Plan and Loss Prevention.” “The wide applications of Machine Learning Technology and DeepinMind Technology will set the trend for the Retail Industry by getting critical data and deep insights from consumer behavioral analysis,” said Mr. K.k. Dakhara.

“The Retail Leadership Summit has been created to ensure that retail leaders across the country can come in and discuss matters that are relevant to retail at an industry-level. Modern retail in India is becoming more and more competitive and is growing at more than 15 per cent. This kind of growth requires a different focus for retailers to be able to exist and thrive. RLS is about customer centricity and the resulting valuation. However, the values that a company works with are an important contributor to the way a company gets formed and functions. These three aspects i.e. customer centricity, values and valuation are an apt set of topics for every retailer who is trying to grow and flourish in this consumption-led market,” Mr.Kumar Rajagopalan, CEO, Retailers Association of India, said while speaking about the Summit.

During the event Hikvision Retail solution were displayed at the booth. The visitors were keen to know more about People Count, Heat Map, POS Integration, Face Analysis, Parking Management Solution and Warehouse, Logistic and Supply Chain Solution.