Honeywell invites entries for smart building awards

Honeywell, the global technology company, has announced the second edition of the Honeywell Smart Building Awards in India, calling for entries from across the country. Participation in the competition is open to all building owners and facility managers across India who agree to be evaluated under the parameters of the Honeywell Smart Building Score TM, a global building assessment framework. Participants will take a self-assessment of 15 technology asset groups that make a building green, safe, and productive, based on their building systems’ overall capability, coverage of the facility and uptime.

Honeywell has partnered with the Network 18 Group (media partner) and KPMG (process validators and evaluators) to launch the Network 18 & Honeywell Smart Building Awards 2016. The scores will be validated by KPMG and affirmed by an eminent jury composed of India’s leading authorities on energy efficiency, safety, security, and productivity in buildings.

“We are glad that the concept of smart building technologies is evolving and is being adopted across commercial and residential spaces. With Honeywell’s shared vision with the Government of India’s 100 Smart Cities initiative, Honeywell Smart Building Score and Honeywell Smart Building Awards strive to deliver measurable results and to give recognition to the buildings that drive green, safe, and productive outcomes,” said Anant Maheshwari, President, Honeywell India. Honeywell launched the Honeywell Smart Building Score TM in India in June 2015, a global tool to measure a building’s smartness. The tool was subsequently launched in six countries across the United States, China and the Middle East.