Hyderabad Airport gets Queue Management Systems based on IoT security cameras, AI video analytics

GMR Hyderabad International Airport Ltd (GHIAL) has announced that it has implemented Queue Management Systems combining IoT security cameras and AI video analytics that help improve passenger experience by reducing waiting time at passenger touchpoints.

The airport operator which has pioneered many technological initiatives for a passenger-friendly journey has collaborated with technology partner AllGoVision Technologies, in this implementation.

Ensuring Covid-19 pandemic protocols are adhered at the airport for the safety of passengers and for the safety of staff has become critically important for airport operations in the present pandemic times. Queue management at various touchpoints of the airport such as entry, check-in, security, immigration, and reducing passenger wait time is key to enhanced passenger experience and safety, GHIAL said.

This smart queue management solution uses advanced camera-based video analytics which helps the GMR Hyderabad International Airport staff to constantly monitor various key parameters such as peak passenger waiting time and take corrective actions as needed which are very essential for the safety of both passengers and airport staff in these pandemic times.

The advanced video analytics platform analyses the video feed from various cameras and uses Deep Learning based Artificial Intelligence (AI) models to accurately estimate passenger statistics over time. In addition to Queue Management analytics, GHIAL is also using the technology for enhanced security such as camera tampering, loitering, parking violation, object classification, wrong-way detection and left object detection.

“Passenger safety is the key concern in the present pandemic times. GHIAL has adopted a slew of safety measures to ensure our passengers feel safe when they transit through the airport. With this smart queue management technology, security and safety takes the airport experience one notch higher and creates passenger confidence while ensuring seamless operations,” said Pradeep Panicker, CEO-GHIAL.