India and US join hands for secure airports

Keeping in view the new emerging threats from terrorists, the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security  is working on joint training modules with America’s Transport Security Administration. The two sides recently met in Goa to work out their new training modules for their personnel in the aviation sector. Behaviour detection, preventing “insider” hand, are some of the anti sabotage areas they are focusing on.

It is learnt  the training programmes include higher use of canines, assessing latest threats and using the latest technology in dealing with these threats. Based on the training modules of their European and American counterparts, the BCAS has already started doing a background check of all airlines employees working in the sterile areas of airports to prevent any “insider” hand in terror attacks at airports and flights. For behavioural analysis and predictive screening, both software and humans,  will be used.

This will help the security and airline staff to easily pick up signs from suspicious passengers through their behaviour and assess at their own level before making a contact with the passenger. With body scanners, in the coming days, it is felt that the security personnel can be trained to detect trouble makers at airports and airplanes. Meanwhile, the Director General of Civil Aviation issued advisory to airlines regarding transportation of affected lithium batteries. Passengers cannot carry 15-inch Apple MacBook Pro (purchased between September 2015 – Feb 2017) as checked-in or hand baggage.