India mulls Laser Walls on Punjab border rivers

Taking a serious note of the Pathankot terror strike, the Indian Government has decided to install an unbreachable surveillance system, along the Punjab border. Though the new facility “Laser Walling” is not very new to the security forces (there are several already operating along J&K and Punjab border) the decision aims at bringing under strict vigil those vulnerable points which played an important role during the recent attacks in Punjab.

The Union Home Ministry has drawn out a plan to install Laser Walls along the un-fenced river tracks of the Indo-Pak border of Punjab. The plan, aimed at curbing incursions by terrorists through Punjab border, would virtually make it non-porous. The suspected infiltration point for the Pathankot terrorists was the Ujj river in Bamiyal. While there are around 40 vulnerable riverine points present along Punjab border, only 5-6 have been put under the laser surveillance system till date.

It is suspected that the six terrorists of Jaish-e-Mohammad walked through the dry river bed of the Ujj in the night to enter into India. The security cameras installed along both the banks of river Ujj could not detect them on account of the width of the river bed, but the laser wall mechanism would prove beneficial as it detects objects passing the line of sight between the laser source and the detector and blows a loud siren.