Indian Police, BSF eye Russian security systems

Representatives of the Indian Police, Border Security Force (BSF) and armed forces have expressed interest in purchasing the Russian Sova (owl) radar and Sokol (falcon) security systems The radar operates 24 hours a day at temperatures ranging from minus 30 to plus 50 degrees Celsius. The Sokol system automatically detects infiltrators in protected area, scans them with video and thermal imaging cameras, and transmits data to the human operator on duty.

The Sova radar is used to protect ports and coastal infrastructure, power plants and other civilian installations.  In automatic mode Sova detects moving objects at ranges up to 20 km, in manual mode – up to 8 km.The Russian security systems have aroused the interest of Indian security forces looking to counter the growing terrorist threat in the country. Both systems were on display at Aero India 2017.