ISIS trying to recruit terrorists online, raises concern for Indian security agencies

In a matter of concern, the Indian security agencies in a meeting raised an issue that the terrorist group ISIS is trying to strengthen its organization by recruiting terrorists online, despite the ongoing coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. The terrorist organisation is also teaching terrorists involved in the group on how to avoid the radar of security agencies while using the internet.
A cybersecurity magazine called ‘The Supporter’s Security’, linked to ISIS, published in May, describes what precautions are to be taken on social media, by which one can avoid the security agencies. This 24-page magazine also describes how to be cautious while using smartphones and computers.

Since this report, online activities of terrorist organizations are being closely monitored. According to the cybersecurity watchdog officials, messages have been intercepted in the Telegram channel which speaks of the attack on security forces in Jammu and Kashmir. All the administrators of Telegram, Twitter and Whatsapp are from Pakistan who are directing people associated with their organization in Jammu and Kashmir to attack the security forces.

According to experts, ISIS is also plotting to spread jihad through a special video game which security agencies are worried about. ISIS in an article in its online magazine “The Voice of Hind” in April had incited its supporters to attack amid the ongoing pandemic.
Earlier in 2020, AlQaeda operating in Bangladesh also warned of a Lone Wolf attack in India, through a website. Al Qaeda has threatened a Lone Wolf attack on Hindu organizations and top officials of the Indian government.

Ever since the Centre removed Article 370, Pakistan has been continuously engaged in a major conspiracy of terrorist attacks in Jammu and Kashmir. While more than 400 terrorists are ready to infiltrate Jammu and Kashmir on the launching pad adjacent to the Line of Control (LoC), a new terrorist group is engaged in plotting an attack on security forces by strengthening ‘The Resistance Front’.