It’s raining jobs for cyber security engineers!

The future of engineers graduating in cyber security is looking bright as the rising threat to businesses is resulting in a huge demand for such professionals. Despite poor overall recruitments in the IT sector, the need to protect the vulnerable cyber space is landing students ‘highly lucrative offers’. In fact each graduate has an average of five offers waiting for them, say industry insiders.

Along with the big and small ones, even start-ups are recruiting cyber security professionals. The demand for data security is being raised even by clients, apart from the companies’ own concern to protect critical data. “Thus, the demand for cyber security engineers is growing exponentially,” said Sundeep Kumar Makthala, founder of Telangana Information Technology Association (TITA).

While newer technologies like automation, machine-to-machine learning and artificial intelligence are eliminating the need for lower end and mid-level engineers, cyber security on the other hand is being touted to remain unaffected. “No amount of automation can substitute the physical presence of a cyber security expert in companies. Since cyber threat is ever changing and ever evolving, be it in the form of malware or virus, it needs to be looked out for constantly,” said a senior official from a top IT company.

The average starting salary even for freshers who take cyber security as a subject ranges from Rs 4 lakh to Rs 5 lakh. For engineering graduates in most other fields, it ranges from Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 3.6 lakh.