Lucknow University deploys private security to check hooliganism on campus

Private security guards have been deployed on Lucknow University premises to keep a check on hooliganism. The university has, for the first time, outsourced the security work to a private agency. As many as 30 guards have been hired on a trial basis. The university will spend Rs 36 lakh per annum for the purpose. The decision to hire professional and trained security guards comes after the March 16 incident, wherein former provost of Kailash Hostel, Sheela Mishra, her brother Rajan, her father and over 200 students were booked on charges of rioting, arson and opening fire on police outside the hostel. Over a dozen students were injured and more than 10 vehicles were set on fire.

To begin with, the armed men will stand guard on all university gates to keep a constant vigil on the movement of students and others on the campus. Later, they will be deployed across the campus and hostel for providing round-the-clock security. The university’s move is expected to benefit girl students. According to chief proctor, Nishi Pandey, the private security guards will replace the Home Guards. “To maintain discipline and security on campus, we need more organized and trained guards. The kind of alertness, sense of commitment and belonging, which is needed to make the campus trouble-free, is missing in the Home Guards,” said Pandey.

The major challenge, which the university faced with the Home Guards was their rotation-based system. “Except the armed ones, all others were deployed on a shift-basis. This way, no guard could recognize the students and the outsiders. Our own internal security was of little use to us,” Pandey said, adding that the private guards will cost us the same.