Mohali Fire Dept lacks teeth

The Mohali Fire Department is apparently nothing more than a “toothless tiger” when it comes to take action against violators of the fire safety norms here. If a senior official of the department is to be believed, nearly 70 per cent of the total factories/units in local industrial area are violating the fire safety norms. “Besides, a majority of showroom owners having basements in the town do not comply with the fire safety norms”, claimed the official.

KL Kakkar, assistant divisional fire officer, Mohali, said the department had issued more than 50 notices to industrial units in the local industrial area in the recent past. The step was taken after back-to-back fire incidents in the area in a span of one-and-a-half months.

Another official at the local fire office said the department had issued a number of notices to the violators every now and then, but those hardly made any impact.

“Most of the showroom owners were served notices for violations in the past, but these notices have failed to make any impact on offenders. The violations continue abated and the department is helpless,” said the official.