Now At Hyderabad Airport: IoT-Enabled “Smart Trolleys” 

The GMR Hyderabad International Airport today said it is using the Internet of Things (IoT) as a tool to augment its services and operations. As a first step, the facility has introduced the Smart Baggage Trolley Management system, to be tracked and maintained in real time by such a platform. The entire fleet of Hyderabad airport’s 3,000 trolleys have been enabled with the technology, substantially reducing waiting time for passengers and ensuring availability, according to a press release.

There should be at least 160 trolleys available for a million passengers at any airport, according to International Air Transport Association (IATA) norms. Hyderabad airport’s new system will handle retrieval, replenishment, and also theft.

“With an inbuilt alert mechanism, in case of any trolleys carried out of a ‘no airport zone’ area, it generates an alert message tipping off the location for necessary action which can then be taken to retrieve,” the release said.

The system can plan ahead based on predictive analyses of estimated departure and arrival passenger loads, the release said. “Hyderabad International Airport has been the flag bearer of innovation and technology adoption in many ways…we are revolutionising the way baggage trolleys are managed,” SGK Kishore,  Chief Innovation Officer at GMR Airports, said in the release.