Peregrine Guarding India awarded ‘Badge of Honour’ by CAPSI

Peregrine Guarding India (A part of the Tenon Group) has been honoured with the prestigious “Badge of Honour” by the Central Association of Private Security Industry (CAPSI) as the ‘Commanders of Front-Line Warriors’ during the pandemic.

During the lockdown, Peregrine Guarding India had deployed 80,000 security guards and officers to safeguard and ensure smooth operations for various private and public facilities under most hostile conditions. They worked day and night as real Frontline Warriors protecting the customers and communities against threats such as robbery and theft, while also taking on the added responsibility of acting as the first level “Shield” against COVID-19”. All the guards, men and women, bravely faced threats to their lives but they stood undauntedly to conduct their jobs with utmost commitment.

Lauding the team efforts and their hard work, Maj. Manjit Rajain, Global Chairman, Tenon Group of companies said, “We are absolutely delighted to be conferred with this precious “Badge of Honour”. I would like to extend my best wishes to the Managing Directors and the team at Peregrine for earning this award with their hard work and the commendable job done by all our guarding resources during these hard times. We are extremely proud of them. It is in challenging times like this that true warriors and heroes emerge and I am proud our team continues to march through being a true pillar of support to bring India back on its feet.”

Awardees included: Maj. Manjit Rajain, Global Chairman, Brig. Rajan Oberoi, Global CEO, Tenon Group of Companies, Mr. Rakesh Tripathie, Managing Director, Peregrine (South & west) and Mr. Siddharth Dahiya, Managing Director, Peregrine (North & East). The Badge of Honor will be presented to the Management in the month of November by CAPSI