Police geo-tag Andhra Pradesh temple for security purposes

AP Director General of Police (DGP) Gautam Sawang has announced that the department has solved 29 of the total 44 attacks on temples in the state and has arrested 85 persons.
The DGP maintained that there have been attempts to undermine religious harmony in the state, but the police department checked the same by taking all possible measures. He said AP police is first in the country to install CCTV cameras for round-the-clock surveillance at places of worship. 58,871 temples had been geo-tagged and 43,824 CCTV cameras installed.

Addressing a press meet, Gautam Sawang disclosed that attacks on temples in Andhra Pradesh are being widely publicised with social media distorting facts and spreading false information. He said it is not right to make accusations against police for political reasons. He found fault with certain people for questioning police as to what they are doing while temples are being attacked. Allegations had been made on the basis of caste and religion. “No one has ever made such allegations against police during my 35 years of service. Police do not act on the basis of caste or religion,” he underlined.

The DGP said police are working with dedication in safeguarding integrity of the state. “The Antarvedi incident in September last year was unfortunate. There have been some untoward incidents in the state after the Antarvedi incident. The government has ordered a CBI probe into it,” he pointed out.

He recounted that there have been 44 major incidents of alleged attacks on temples during 2020–2021, 38 involving theft of idols and desecration, two cases of chariot burning and four instances of temple premises being dug up. He said 85 persons have been arrested in 29 incidents. Culprits in 15 cases are yet to be traced.