Pune education department to check CCTV cameras’ feasibility

Factors like viability, places and expenses need to be considered before making CCTV cameras compulsory in all schools, said the education department. The Bombay High Court had directed the state education department to check if CCTV cameras can be made mandatory in schools, especially the ones that receive aid from the government. With the beginning of admission season, many parents too are looking closely at security features, apart from academic achievements, while choosing a school. Websites giving information about schools in the city and principals are getting a lot of enquiries about the security measures that are in place in schools and its transport services.

“Installation of CCTV cameras will instill fear in people with wrong intensions. All schools should implement it for security; however, expenditure, maintenance among others need to be discussed. For example, many schools have CCTV cameras inside classrooms, but not on staircases, terrace and corridors. If we are talking about security, all places need to have cameras. The government has to take a call on this,” said Mahavir Mane, Director, Primary Education.

There was a public interest litigation which led to formation of transport committees in schools. Now, it’s a blanket rule in all schools. “Now, there are transport committees in schools where there are no roads let alone a vehicle or school bus. We will be discussing it and taking a judicious decision,” he said.