Railways to roll out country’s first local with panic button in women’s coaches

Indian railways will soon roll out the country’s first local train with a ‘panic button’ to make commuting safer for female passengers. The 12-coach train will have some of the most advanced security features installed in the Indian Railways, and will run from West Bengal’s Ranaghat in Eastern Railway’s Sealdah division. Senior Electrical Engineer, Ranaghat Carshed, Supriyo Kumar Rai said, “We have installed panic buttons in the women’s coaches of this local train. If there is any emergency in the ladies coach, the passengers can directly communicate with the guard and the driver and share their problems.”

The new train will also have an electric alarm system, apart from the existing alarm chain system. “There is an existing alarm chain system. Along with this we have also introduced alarm push button system. Just in case the alarm chain does not work, the passenger can use the alarm push button, and it will alert the driver and the guard,” Rai said.

These new woman’s coaches will also be equipped with CCTV cameras in an attempt to keep offenders at bay. Women’s safety has been a major concern for Indian Railways amid reports of rise in cases of harassment. 411 cases of molestation and sexual harassment were reported till October 2018, while 432 cases were reported in 2017, according to reports. The train model, if successful, will be implemented in other local trains across the country.