Robots deployed to serve COVID-19 patients in Vadodara hospital

Two robots have been deployed at Sir Sayajirao Gaekwad (SSG) Hospital in Vadodara, Gujarat, to serve food and medicines to Covid-19 patients. This initiative was taken as a precautionary measure to mitigate the risk of infection to the hospital staff. Apart from serving food, these robots can also be used for the screening of patients in the corona wards. Not only that, soon the hospital administration will place a robot at the entrance gate to screen the people entering the premises of the hospital for COVID-19 symptoms.

“These are made in India robots. One does not require high skills to operate them. They work like humans. It follows all the locations. My company has developed it. They are fruitful for serving the COVID-19 patients,” said Bhuvanesh Mishra. Managing Director, Club First Technologies Pvt. Ltd. These robots can work for more than 4 hours when fully charged and are sanitised all the time, he added.