Safran and FotoNation partner on iris solutions in India

Biometric and identity firm Safran Identity & Security and iris specialist FotoNation have revealed plans to work together on iris solutions for the vast market of India. The firms say the cooperation agreement aims to deliver the most advanced iris authentication biometric security solution for mobile devices to the Indian market. The agreement includes a cross-license of Safran Identity & Security’s and FotoNation’s relevant patented iris capture, recognition and control technologies for enabling delivery of a unique and high-performance system for mobile devices. This joint solution, named BioNetra, will accurately and reliably verify subject identity under a broad range of lighting and environmental conditions.

Linked to the Indian Aadhaar program, the world’s largest biometric identity system with more than 1.1 billion people enrolled to date, this solution will allow consumers to carry out online operations with strong authentication for any secure online services in connection with banking, telecoms, government services or healthcare. It will also provide OEM device makers with a robust and feature-rich platform, enabling them to produce competitive smartphones while meeting the Indian government’s biometric quality and security standards.

Sanjeev Shriya, Senior Vice President India, Safran Identity & Security, added: “Our combined expertise gives smart device makers a robust platform to meet new requirements as the authentication phase of the Aadhaar program is being rolled out. In addition, BioNetra provides a fantastic user experience, letting users access eServices and make transactions in the “blink of an eye” and therefore combining high security with user convenience.”