Securitas India sacks 4 guards for beating stray dog to death

Securitas India has terminated the services of 4 of their security guards who were involved in brutally beating a stray dog to death in Gurugram in late May 2021. The images went viral as they were shared on social media. The four guards have been arrested and Securitas India says they are cooperating with the local police in ensuring that due punishment is imparted to the four men.

Expressing regret on their Facebook page, Securitas India says “ Our on-ground teams are consistently in touch with the concerned departments and we are extending all the requisite support and details to the authorities. Further, we have supplemented our existing training programs and employment policies to adequately cover the animal abuse related offences as criminal conduct, which would be punishable with immediate termination of services and also be reported to the concerned authorities. We value life in all forms, strongly condemn this unfortunate incident and do not support any cruelty towards animals. We will continue to look forward to your support, patience and trust.

“Securitas India is committed towards the safety and security of all lives in all forms. We are shocked and deeply saddened by an incident reported to us from one of the sites relating to cruelty with a stray dog by some of our personnel deployed at the site. We are a responsible organization and we strongly condemn the incident, this is certainly not a reflection of our organization. We have taken strictest action against the wrongdoers with an immediate effect and are simultaneously supporting the authorities in the investigation. In addition to these actions, steps are being taken towards implementing tighter controls, further training on conduct during incident management and treatment of animals.