Security agency staff under Pune police scanner following crimes linked to no background checks

The Pune police have started a drive against security agencies that operate without a licence, and hire persons without local police issuing a character certificate. Two cases have been registered so far in the city, involving crimes committed by persons working for private service agencies.

“We are going step-by-step. We are conducting drives to check if guards deployed are from registered agencies or not. Now there are two ways of doing that – either go to each agency office and check, or check with the guards that are deployed at societies and other places. We will consider cases of those who have applied for a permit and are awaiting permit. The same will be applicable to care-taker agencies as well,” said Amitabh Gupta, commissioner of police.

The drive comes in the light of house-thefts and incidents of thefts and robberies at the houses of senior citizens. Of the total 339 theft cases registered in the city, a total of 140 involve the main-door of the house being tampered with; 63 involve locks of houses being cut; 78 are shop shutters being pulled apart; while 22 are entry into the premises through a window, according to police.

“There is a focus from the commissioner to streamline these agencies. So, we are checking how many of these agencies exist and how many are registered. These agencies avoid registration to evade taxes and some indulge in criminal activities as well,” said Bachchan Singh, deputy commissioner of police, Crime, Pune.