Security audit finds CCTVs at tourist spots defunct

A recent security audit of key installations has left the rural police stunned as a large number of CCTV cameras installed at tourist spots were found defunct. Key installations are places of national as well as international importance. Police have also found that a number of other pilgrimage sites, where the police strongly recommended CCTV installation, are either without the cameras or have non-operational ones.

Aurangabad rural superintendent of police Arti Singh said “Considering the history of futile terror attacks and incidents of eve teasing and molestation of foreign tourists visiting these sites, authorities should ensure that all CCTV cameras are functional,” she said. The officer came down heavily on the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) authorities responsible for maintenance and repair of the cameras. She added that the police will consider sending notices to the authorities for not repairing the CCTV cameras.

She added that each time the law enforcement agencies have to give their cent percent while fringe elements have to be lucky at least once. “How can authorities forget the Ellora arms haul in 2006, when a huge cache of weapons was intercepted in a bid to target these international destinations?” the officer questioned. A source said that the audit has found almost 50% of cameras installed at the tourist destinations including Ajanta and Ellora caves were defunct.

Aurangabad Commissioner of Police, Yashasvi Yadav, said, “We found it futile to make frequent requests to the ASI authorities to install or repair the existing CCTV cameras and so now with the help of public representatives and CSR activities, we are installing about 1500 CCTV cameras in the city. The officer said that once these CCTV cameras are installed, it would be almost impossible for any person to go scot free after committing any kind of street, property or body offence.

Each year, lakhs of domestic as well as foreign tourists from across the globe reach Aurangabad to visit the tourist spots of international repute. Aurangabad is not only known as the city of gates, but also has the distinction of being the only place in the country with two world heritage sites — Ajanta and Ellora caves and is the tourism capital of Maharashtra.