Security audit finds many loopholes in railway stations

Recently, in a security audit conducted by the Delhi Police, it has been found that the major railway stations in the national capital including New Delhi, Old Delhi, Nizamuddin and Anand Vihar railway stations are not safe for the public. According to a report, the audit report states that the parcel areas at these railway stations of the capital city are particularly vulnerable as goods transported in passenger trains are not verified or scanned to ensure passenger security. The security loopholes may lead to mass casualty including bomb blasts, if an explosive is planted by any terrorist organisation in any of the parcels, the audit report states.

The security audit conducted by the police found that the main parcel area at the New Delhi railway station remains open and people without any checking or frisking, can enter the railway station through this area. Similarly, in Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station, unauthorised people can easily sneak in from its parcel area. Also, the parcel gates at other railway stations like Sarai Rohilla, Daya Basti, Nangloi, Kishan Ganj remain open and people can enter the stations from there unchecked. The report suggests that Indian Railways needs to evolve some mechanism in order to check a parcel with proper equipment before its transportation.

The security audit report also mentioned that many unauthorised entry and exit points at several railway stations remain unmanned. According to the report, at Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station, unauthorized people can easily enter platform numbers 7 and 8 from a damaged wall, which the railway station shares with the adjacent Indraprastha Park. Also, there is no proper boundary wall at the parking of the station. The report also mentioned that at the New Delhi railway station, the north side gate at platform number 1 remains unmanned and is commonly used by people to enter the platforms. Meanwhile, at the Pul Bangash railway station, the boundary wall has been damaged and the space is being used by passengers to enter the station without any scanning of luggage.

As per the audit report, the baggage scanners at New Delhi railway station are not covered with CCTV cameras. It further mentioned that the X-ray scanners at Old Delhi railway station were also not functioning properly. Also, there are no CCTV cameras installed at railway stations like Azadpur, Subzi Mandi, Adarsh Nagar, Narela and Holambi Kalan.
DRM of the Northern Railway’s Delhi Division, RN Singh was quoted in the report saying that they have the basic security checks in place. However, he also said that the setup is not of the highest level. In order to install face recognition cameras at the major railway stations, they recently got the sanction and the work is under progress, the DRM added