SIS security supervisor does the industry proud by apprehending gangster Vikas Dubey

In a move that comes as an act of pride for the private security industry, on 9th July 2020 SIS Security Supervisor, Lakhan Yadav alongwith SIS QRT team members posted at Mahakal Temple, Ujjain identified and contained dreaded UP Gangster Vikas Dubey before handing over to Madhya Pradesh Police. The gangster who was subsequently shot dead by the UP police when he tried to escape, had been on the run for 6 days after being involved in gunning down of 8 policemen in UP.

Reports say that the SIS team identified Dubey when they started questioning him and found his statements suspect. The SIS QRT team took him into custody and informed the police that came and arrested Dubey.

But for the quick action from the SIS guard, Dubey may well have escaped again. Private Security Industry employs lakhs of brave hearts like Lakhan Yadav who are serving customers, society and nation, 24×7 even when the nation was on a lock down.

Bad incidents involving our industry are widely publicised. It is now time for us to come together and project good deeds of private security guards. They are the real heroes. For every wrong person, our industry has hundreds of honest, committed and disciplined workers. They deserve to be recognised and celebrated! SECURITY TODAY lauds the action of the SIs supervisor and the QRT team