Srinagar airport security gets a boost with latest baggage screening system

The latest inline baggage screening system (ILBS) that can detect explosives easily was installed at the Srinagar International Airport to strengthen security at the facility, officials said. Santosh Dhoke, Airport Director, Srinagar International Airport, said that the ILBS will make the airport more secure. “Even explosives can be detected by the new screening system. This explosive detection system scans baggage 360° and creates CT-Slice with 3D image to detect explosive material in baggage “ he said.

The scanner is capable of handling up to 1,800 bags per hour, making the baggage screening process faster and more efficient, he said. Dhoke said “The Inline hold baggage handling system (HBS) has been integrated with airport Baggage Handling System (BHS) in order to provide a complete hold baggage processing and screening system”. He said that the ILBS is of latest and superior technology and is being used all over the world at major airports for screening hold baggage. The new system will also eliminate queues at departure lounges where stand alone x-ray machines have been in use till now.

“Stand-alone machines occupy space at departure lounges and also cause big queues, which disrupt passenger flow during peak hours. Keeping in view the security threat and hypersensitiveness, the multi-level CT-EDS based in-line detection system has been installed at Srinagar Airport,” Dhoke said. He said that now onwards passengers will not need to scan their registered baggage before dropping it at the check-in counters, resulting in faster passenger processing, minimum queuing time, and less congestion at the check-in area.