Panasonic partners Honeywell for home monitoring system

Panasonic and Honeywell have agreed on a collaboration agreement, whereby selected Honeywell thermostats will be integrated into Panasonic’s DIY Home Monitoring System. This relationship further enhances the Home Monitoring System that offers the latest in wireless communication technology. The system allows you to remotely activate appliances, lights and devices in your home, perform surveillance and monitor your baby or pet. The packages utilise both telephone and video technology where Panasonic is a technology leader.

The Panasonic Home Monitoring System has been designed to be extremely easy to install. Powerful and compact, the Dect-enabled hub unit connects enabled devices to a secure long range (up to 1000ft.) platform which can be placed in any room or space. It connects in seconds to a Wifi router with the push of a button enabling the user to control the system from a smartphone, tablet and system handset. There is no Ethernet cable necessary; as the hub operates completely on Wifi. There is also no need for a PC to set-up the Wifi connection as only a smartphone or the system handset is required. Unlike other systems, there is no monthly fee as remote monitoring and control is free of charge.

Additionally there are several new Panasonic peripherals available from Panasonic that enhance the customisable Home Monitoring installation. These include a glass break sensor which picks up the sound frequency of glass breaking and will notify the user via smartphone that a window or sliding glass door has been broken. This can be linked to a siren.  A garage door sensor that has a tilt sensor is also an option, so when the garage door is tilted (by opening it) past the threshold degree, the user will be notified again via smartphone.  The smart motion light is an outdoor LED light that can be linked to a siren or interior lights via a smart plug. Once the motion is detected, the light goes on and can trigger other sensors.