A pat down by robots coming soon to airport security?

Robots and artificial intelligence are being tipped to take over security processes at airports and hotel check-in says a report. The survey reveals that while respondents from both the UK and US believe these consumer-facing roles will be taken over by machines, more than two-thirds (67%) are frightened by the idea of robots taking over these security procedures from humans. Further findings from the Future of Travel survey, from Travelzoo, show 45% of Britons expect technology to replace human roles in security in the next few years and more than a third, 35%, think this will improve safety and security in travel.

The majority of survey participants feel machines have better memories and are less likely to make mistakes. Respondents also said that technology scores higher than humans in seven out of 12 skill sets needed for jobs in travel. It’s only in areas such as emotional intelligence, facial recognition and expressing feelings that humans fare better. The findings are interesting in the light of other reports showing travellers want more self-service options.

SITA’s Passenger IT trends report shows travellers shunning human interaction in favour of machines for booking travel as well as the airport experience.
This is the second wave of Travelzoo’s Future of Travel research looking at acceptance of robots in the travel industry with the findings of the first wave here.
Atomik carried out the research in October with more than 1,000 consumers in the UK as well as more than 1,000 in the US surveyed online.