Avigilon partners with G4S to prevent smuggling into prisons

Avigilon Corporation has partnered with G4S in a trial to use Avigilon’s video analytics to help prevent the smuggling of contraband in a UK prison. Located in Fazakerley, Liverpool, HMP Altcourse is managed by G4S and recently began a trial of Avigilon’s video analytics to help protect against organised criminals who throw drugs and other contraband over prison walls to associates on the inside. The system will be used to accurately detect people at the prison’s perimeter allowing officers to react prior to incidents occurring. The trial is expected to run over the course of eight weeks, at which time the prison plans to share the results across the UK prison system where similar issues are occurring.
Avigilon’s video analytics use artificial intelligence or machine learning, which continuously improves the accuracy of the alarms as the technology develops a fuller understanding of the environment under observation. The artificial intelligence is trained to discern object patterns and differentiate between people, vehicles, and other objects.
“We are constantly looking for new ways to support our vigilant security teams and we are hopeful that this initiative could dramatically improve the chances of catching the criminals on the outside who target Altcourse with contraband,” said Steve Williams, Director for HMP Altcourse. “This smart technology of instant alerts could reduce false alarms and also provide the speed of response which is so vital if the police are to catch the criminals behind this activity on the outside. We’ll be sharing the results of this trial with our colleagues across the prison system.”
Avigilon’s video analytics are being used to protect sites of critical importance all over the globe, including airports, power stations, ports and other high security locations.