Cambodia bans soldiers from providing private security services

The Royal Cambodian Armed Force has banned soldiers from providing security services to private firms or individuals. In a directive dated September 3, RCAF Commander-in-Chief, General Vong Pisen issued the ban and ordered all military commanders to ensure their soldiers stop providing such services. He cautioned all units to ensure that state vehicles are also not used for the purpose.
“All military commanders, including those at units…which are under the jurisdiction of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces, must regularly manage your soldiers, monitor their attendance and not allow any personnel to be sent to guard private companies, factories and other establishments or serve the interests of any individuals,” Gen Pisen said. He ordered RCAF officers and soldiers to strictly implement the instruction and respect discipline.

“Off-duty soldiers are also banned from wearing uniforms in crowded areas such as restaurants, shopping malls or entertainment clubs,” Gen Pisen added. Gen Pisen’s action comes two months after Phnom Penh Police Chief, Lt Gen Sar Thet, ordered municipal police officers to stop providing private security services for powerful tycoons unless they have obtained official permission.

In July, Lt Gen Thet ordered supervisors of all units to list down the names of police officers who are currently commissioned as security guards for tycoons. He cautioned all units to ensure the proper use of the police personnel by not allowing them to serve at private companies, factories or other establishments, especially entertainment clubs and casinos, without consent from senior leadership