Dahua Technology launches “Heart of City” strategy at Security China 2018

Dahua Technology officially launched the Dahua Heart of City (HOC) New Smart City Framework during a conference on October 22nd at Security China 2018. “Dahua Heart of City (HOC)” is a smart city development engine supported by Full Sensing, Full Intelligence, Full Computing, and Full Ecosystem (4 Full) capabilities. It realizes the construction of a “1 platform, 2 centers, N applications” (1+2+N) new smart city framework for application at the city, industry, and commercial level. By forming end-to-end solutions with supporting technologies such as AI, deep learning, and IoT, within all areas of smart city operations, it promotes development of smart city, enabling city operations to become smarter, and satisfying a city life that calls for high quality.

During the launch event, Dahua Management made an in-depth presentation about multiple aspects of this new strategy. Dahua’s Chairman, Mr. Fu Liquan, shared the strategic considerations behind Dahua HOC. He believes that through the experience and deep knowledge gained in setting the national standards for smart cities as well as hundreds of city projects around the country, Dahua Technology is now perfectly equipped to handle top-level planning and detailed designing for smart cities. He described Dahua HOC’s release as “an important strategic milestone through deep analysis and understanding of city operations. All of Dahua Technology’s future solutions and business systems will be built around the 1+2+N architecture to improve and enhance its end-to end solution capabilities.”

The launch of HOC demonstrates Dahua Technology’s strong technological innovations, top-level security network architecture, and operation services capabilities.