Dahua wins innovation technique award

Dahua Technology’s Global Shutter Camera based on TRIZ development project, has won the second prize in the CAST Second National Enterprise Innovative Methods Competition.
The China Association of Science and Technology or CAST recently held the 2nd National Enterprise Innovative Methods Competition, first founded in 2016 as an arena to boost enterprise innovation ability.

This year’s competition has attracted 1200 participating teams from more than 600 technical companies of medium to large size in 31 competing zones across the nation. After 3 months of fierce competition, Dahua Technology, a leading solution provider in the global video surveillance industry, stood out from 150 teams in the National Finale and won the second prize.

Dahua has long held Innovation as one of its core values and has taken years of effort to develop this innovative spirit. Since August of 2016, the company has arranged for key personnel from the R&D Center to attend innovative method learning courses for a total of 120 person sessions to establish Dahua’s own team of teachers of innovative thinking, which guarantee a steady output of talented successors to the cause.

At present, Dahua has already been recognised as the Pilot of Enterprises of Innovative Method in Zhejiang province. According to the plan, Dahua will apply innovative methods to the development of new projects in 2018, which is expected to greatly increase the efficiency of development as well as the quality of the new products.