Denver’s airport is piloting a TSA reservation app to ensure social distancing 

Travelers concerned about crowded airport checkpoints during the pandemic might have one less thing to worry about if they’re flying through Denver International Airport.

The air-travel hub recently launched a free airport-security reservations app called VeriFly that allows passengers to “make a reservation to access a dedicated TSA screening lane and a reserved limited-capacity train car to the concourse.” The app seems to be the first of its kind.

VeriFly, which launched earlier this month and is available only on iOS devices for now, allows Denver passengers to reserve a 15-minute window to pass through designated TSA airport security lanes. Participants can make a VeriFly reservation up to two weeks in advance. “TSA has been a great partner with us but this is not a TSA administered program,” Denver International Airport spokesperson Alex Renteria said.

On the travel day, the passengers will be asked to fill out a health questionnaire and complete a temperature check on arrival to the airport. Users are then directed to a separate VeriFly checkpoint that uses touchless electronic entry gates that lead to Transportation Security Administration lines for both standard and TSA PreCheck-approved travelers. Mobile QR codes allow entry to gate trains, which are limited to 12 people per car.

The Denver airport is calling on passengers to help test out the pilot program, saying on Twitter that the reservations system and app are “for folks who might be high risk or want a little more confidence as they move through security and to their gate.” It also notes in a tweet that the optional program is not intended to replace standard security processes in the future.